Hello, hello!

And welcome 🙂 I’m Karmela, just a mermaid living the dream…but I’m also a newbie in the blog scene.  Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out! 💕



About Me
Resides in Toronto 🇨🇦
N.Knocker is my better half 💑
Tea addict 🍵
Love those buzzfeed/tasty cooking tutorials, Sailor Moon & anything with avocado in it🌯🍩🥑🌙🌟



My Vision

La Dolce Vita is my platform for uninhibited self-expression.  My main aim is promoting self growth, self love and self care while fighting the stigma towards mental illness.  It’s an eclectic collection of “aspire-to-inspire-positive vibe entries with a hint of health, nutrition and a bit of my own personal experiences in the mix
– K