“Note to self: This is your journey, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Dig deep, own it and start doing things for you and by you” 

It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal post because I’ve been m.i.a…

After a somewhat stressful two weeks, I’m glad to be in a better place mentally.  I’ve been on the job hunt since the beginning of July and was slowly getting discouraged that no one was contacting me for anything.  Then there was a week where I was lead into a false sense of security but of course, the job was too good to be true and that was the end of that.  Just when I thought things were going to shit, I landed myself a part time job!

*slow sigh of relief* I’m so thankful that everything worked out in the end



Wanted to share this post in case anyone wants to participate but it’s the first day of a new month! ✨ I’ve been wanting to get back into journalling because I miss the feeling of physically writing so I thought this would be a perfect way 🙂  I’m excited to write away!




Been a tad bit busy and out of it lately that I haven’t really gotten a chance to blog much 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m slowly but surely getting over a few personal hurdles…Hooray to getting back on track! ✨ 

Just a reminder to both myself and to you out there; don’t let your world crumble when things don’t work out the way you want. Things also get better, as long as you try to move forward each time 🌱



Excited to share yet another easy food recipe I tried earlier this week: Japanese rice balls or onigiri 🍙 Ever since I was a kid, whenever I watched anime, I would always be intrigued by how yummy anime food looked, particularly onigiri 😍

For about a week now, I swear I’ve been yapping off my boyfriend’s ear about how much I want to make them and the possible fillings I want to use but I decided to hold off… Oddly enough, while grocery shopping on Tuesday, I couldn’t find a bunch of the stuff on my list so I decided to walk through each aisle and ended up finding all the ingredients to make onigiri and I think the rest is history 🍽



Top of the mornin’ to ya’s 🌞 It’s Thursday everyone! which means only two days keeping us from the weekend (yay!) and on social media, it’s the day to post an oldie but goodie 😎

As my #throwback, I’m taking it back to 3 years ago during my final year in university… One of my bestie’s Phillip (hey b!!!) and I had to create a series of video blogs or vlogs for our community psychology course. The vlogs were featured for Ryerson’s Mental Wellbeing Awareness week and we covered topics from stress management to stigma towards mental illness

Above is our 3rd vlog, where we discussed what mental health meant to us 💭 enjoy! (So as I was searching for this video online, I came across this article which I completely had no idea existed until today and I was quoted in our uni’s newspaper…kinda cool in my books haha)  ✨